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@this-is-my-weak-side answered: oooohhh why?? I really like it!

Aww thank you so much! It’s sad, I kind of just… I forget about it being here now. ;_; I am always on my main one and also I don’t hunt for re-ment photos anymore. (Still love them, just don’t have the time to look!)

@sayruhk answered: Awww. I’m tempted just because I love re-ment and would hate to see this blog end.

If you would like to please do! I feel so bad for not updating in… gosh what, a year?! Ahhh! I won’t delete it of course, but I would rather pass it along to someone who would like to keep it going. :) If you want to send me a message! I never transferred a blog to someone else so I’m not sure how it works but I am sure I can figure it out!

Ahh this poor neglected blog. :( Would anyone like to take it over?

Convenience-Store-008 by Random Life Project on Flickr.
Convenience-Store-010 by Random Life Project on Flickr.
314/365 There is a bee on the plate by fishmo on Flickr.

saience asked: I feel honoured to see so many of my Re-Ment photos posted on this beautiful Tumblog - thank you! Sai / Rebecca of Flickr.

You are so welcome! Thank *you* for sharing such amazing photos of your collection! <3

Planting Strawberries by lili_mini on Flickr.
Breakfast by ѕtardust96 on Flickr.
_DSC0092_副本1 by Ling NANA on Flickr.
Time for snack by Jimo eyes on Flickr.
DSC09454_副本1 by Ling NANA on Flickr.
DSC09467_副本1 by Ling NANA on Flickr.
きのこのクリームシチュー by Sai / Rebecca on Flickr.
Yuri&#8217;s Kitchen by APPark on Flickr.
スペシャルオムライス by Sai / Rebecca on Flickr.